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Written by Sport4Salisbury Reporter   
Monday, 15 March 2010 00:39
Hornets B 11 Blue Jays 35
Player: Lisa Griffiths (Blue Jays) Tracey Fulford (Hornets B)
Umpire's player: Tracey Fulford (Hornets B) Jenny Ball (Blue Jays)
Swans 22 Rangers 60
Player: Debbie Hillier (Rangers) Katie Smith (Swans)
Umpire's player: Debbie Hillier (Rangers) Sarah Howton (Swans)
West Harnham 47 Blue Jays 18
Player: Becca Goddard (Blue Jays) Diane Arrandale (West Harnham)
Umpire's player: Hannah Vaugh (Blue Jays) Zoe Spencer (West Harnham)
Godolophin 30 AVC 22
Player: A Featherstone (Godolphin) 
Umpire's player: Jo Rowell (AVC) A Featherstone (Godolphin)
Last Updated on Monday, 15 March 2010 00:39

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